October 8

Time to say goodbye

What I liked about blogging.

  I enjoyed blogging very much but not as much as other things I love.

     My favourite task was the poem about relaxation, I wrote about music, it was very fun.                                 My least favourite task was the Australian food.

What I didn’t like about blogging. 

The only thing I did not like typing every thing down, it was sooo boring.


My grammar was half good and half bad. I do have capital letters, full stops, commas and most of the other things.

What I could of done better.

I could of done things a little faster.

June 1


Music is my third favourite.

     Useful for relaxation.

     Sleep music is nice.

      I love music.

      Calming for the mind.

By Lucinda

June 1

Taiko Drumming

Last Wednesday we went to Raleigh school for Taiko Drumming It was fun. When we got there we had a play with the other kids. Then we had a talk, had a drink, line up and we went in and listened to the lady speak to us. There were lots of drums, there were four different  drums I only got to go on one.

May 25

Aussie foods!

Here are some Australian foods that are regularly eaten and how they are made.
  1. Sausages.

Sausage making is an outcome of efficient butchery. Traditionally sausage makers would salt various tissues and organs such as scraps, organ meats, blood and fats to help preserve them, before


A lot of people eat it, but most don’t know the history. Vegemite was created by Melbourne based food technologist Cyril Callister in 1923. Although a similar product Marmite- was made from concentrated yeast extract. Vegemite is a salty spread and is great on toast.

3. Lamingtons

A lamington is a sweet snack that is primarily based on a sponge cake, covered in chocolate and coconut.